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Quethiock Parish lies in the very rural heartland of South East Cornwall away from the main roads and tourist areas. It is situated approximately 7 miles from the towns of Liskeard, Callington and Saltash.

The seven members of the Parish Council represent less than 400 households making this one of the smallest parishes in Cornwall by population which is dispersed over a wide area.

Quethiock village is the main centre with a third of the population and there are 3 smaller villages, Blunts, Trehunist and Tilland.

The character of the Parish is based mainly on cattle and sheep farming and many of the farm buildings have been converted into housing so providing a scattering of small hamlets.

Parish Council Objectives


Firstly, to draw these diverse and scattered communities together and to liaise with the other existing organisations such as the Church, Chapels, School and Quethiock Pavilion to further community interests.


Secondly, to distribute information from outside the Parish from such sources as Cornwall Council, the Police, Social and Medical organisations and Charities which will be of value to the Community.


Thirdly, to provide a means to air issues and to discuss matters of importance and hopefully, within the constraints of our budget, and without bias, to fulfil the wishes of the majority. Examples might include planning applications, the provision of affordable homes, post office and transport facilities, new energy projects and footpath maintenance.

Parish Newsletter

We actively support the Quethiock News and we hope through this website and with the interaction you can provide, we can further the interests and wellbeing of all within the Parish.

Latest News

Recycle your Christmas tree

Recycle your Christmas tree

Thinking about how you can be greener in 2022? Start by recycling your real Christmas tree! You can take your tree to your nearest Household Waste and Recycling Centre for composting. If you subscribe to Cornwall Council's garden waste service and would like your real...

Councillor Vacancy

Councillor Vacancy

Parish Councillor Roy Vass has resigned from the council, as he expects to move from the parish shortly. Accordingly there is a vacant seat on the Council which needs to be filled. The council would be very pleased to hear from anyone who would like to join the...

Parish Council Meeting postponed

Parish Council Meeting postponed

Please note that the next parish council meeting has been postponed from 17th January to Monday 7th February 2022, at 7pm in the Village Hall