Planning Applications

PC Ref CC Ref Applicant Location Development
PA22/03565 PA22/03565

Mr Kevin Wood

Trehunsey Barn, Quethiock

Application for a Lawful Development Certificate for an Existing Use for Conversion of Barns into Two Dwellings under Planning Permission PA15/00566

PA21/08518 PA21/08518

Mr R Udy

Land adjacent to Treweese, Quethiock

Proposedtractor and implement shed

PA21/06918 PA21/06918

Ms Clare Marlow

Tilland Mill Barn, Tideford

Variation of decision E2/98/00148/F to remove condition 4 ( which required windows and doors to be made of timber, and set 3" into their openings )

PA21/04354 PA21/04354

Mr Mark Trinder

Tilland Barn, Tideford, Saltash,PL12 5JE

Non materialamendmentto E2/98/00148/F andPA15/08598 to allow addition of Velux windowto rear roof elevation, change of Juliet style balcony to overhang balcony rear elevation, and option to have either wooden or aluminium windows and doors

PA21/00088 PA21/00088

Mr and Mrs R Garvin

Plot 2 The Willows Quethiock

Construction of self build dwelling - revised design to Application PA20/00412 without compliance with condition 2 of decision notice PA20/04075 of 20/7/2020

PA21/00847 PA21/00847

Mr Mark Stevens

Woodcock's Eye Barn, a390 between SW of Trebeigh and Southern Road Roundabout, St Ive

Erection of a front porch

PA20/11384 PA20/11384

Mrs Liz Seekings

Smithy's Cottage, Blunts

Propoised extension to dwelling

PA20/09248 PA20/09248

Mr Andrew Bolton, Mace Group

East Quethiock Farm, Quethiock

Demolish existing agricultural outbuilding ( barn ) and construct new standardised steel portal framed outbuilding ( barn ). Use to continue as an agricultural outbuilding housing livestock and winter feed

PA20/05642 PA20/05462

Mr and Mrs N Pinhay

Jjerom, Quethiock

Proposed garage with studio unit above to side of bungalow

PA20/04950 PA20/04950

Mr and Mrs I Karim

Swallow's Nest, Road from Tideford Cross Lane to Bridge Lane, Tideford

Two-storey extension

PA20/04075 PA20/04075

Mr and Mrs M Smith

The Willows, Quethiock

Demolition of existing dwelling and construction of new dwelling Plot 2, revised design to PA20/00412

PA20/04073 PA20/04073

Mr and Mrs Smith

The Willows, Quethiock

Construction of dwelling Plot 1, revised design to PA20/00412

PA20/02489 PA20/02489

Mr Gerald Marshall

Quethiock House, Quethiock

Listed Building Consent for retrospective permission for various alterations/works ( over and above those previously approved under PA15/06377 and PA15/06376 )

PA20/02422 PA20/02422

Mr and Mrs J McKinley

Land South West of Mead Barn, Quethiock

Construction of detached 3 bedroom house and detached garage

PA20/01115 PA20/01115

Mr and Mrs Aston Stroud

Pounda Cottage, Quethiock

Proposed two storey extension

PA20/00412 PA20/00412

Mr A and Mrs M Smith

The Willows, Quethiock

Demolition of existing dwelling and construction of two dwellings ( details following outline PP ref PA19/03724 )

PA19/05956 PA19/05956

Mr and Mrs Kevin Hoare

Trenance Farm, Tideford

Construction of replacement slurry store

PA19/04479 PA19/04479

Brian Wenmouth

Land south west of Mead Barn, Quethiock

Outline application for the construction of one dwelling with all matters reserved

PA19/05057 PA19/05057

Quethiock Horticultural Show Committee

Quethiock Parish Hall / School sports field

Erection of storage shed

PA19/05052 PA19/05052

Mr & Mrs Bird

Land adjacent to Rose Cottage, Blunts

Conversion of existing stone barn to be used as a garden lodge providing guest accommodation (not self contained)

PA19/03724 PA19/03724

Mr & Mrs M Smith

The Willows, Quethiock, Liskeard

Outline application for demolition of existing dwelling and garage and
construction of two dwellings and garages with all matters except access

PA19/02548 PA19/02548

Mr Roy Whiting

Meadow View Blunts Saltash Cornwall
Grid Ref 234399 / 62992

Proposal Dormer extension to garage roof space

PA18/10641 PA18/10641

Mr & Mrs Bird

Rose Cottage Clapper Bridge Blunts Saltash

Proposed change of use of recreational garden to allow the siting of three
shepherd's huts to provide additional guest bedroom accommodation

PA18/10617 PA18/10617

Mr& Mrs Bird

Barn SW of Rose Cottage, Blunts

Conversion of existing stone barn to be used as a garden lodge providing guest
accommodation (not self contained)

PA18/05558 PA18/05558

Mr T Prudden

Old Pound Cottage, Quethiock, Liskeard, PL14 3SQ

Listed building consent to lift and excavate existing floor, to allow for a breathable glasscrete floor, with natural stone finish. Rake out external pointing to small area of front elevation and re-point with suitable lime mortar

PA18/05874 PA18/05874

Mr S Wilkinson

Pleasant Ridge, Quethiock

Demolition of existing garage and construction of new two-storey extension

PA18/01356 PA18/01356

Mrs Kate Williams

Land East Of Trehunsey Barton Quethiock Cornwall PL14 3SG

Replace the existing stables with a small barn for tending horses and sheep.

PA18/01150 PA18/01150

Mr D Prudden

Maidshouse Quethiock Liskeard Cornwall PL14 3SQ

Works to trees covered by a Tree Preservation Order, namely fell ash tree T7.

PA17/11959 PA17/11959

Mr And Mrs P Moss

Location Land North Of The Beeches Quethiock Cornwall

Grid Ref 231214 / 65006

Proposal Variation of condition 1 (in accordance with submitted plans) in respect of
Decision Notice PA17/01052 dated 29th March 2017. A material amendment to
include alteration to north elevation and site layout.

PA17/08993 PA17/08993

Mr and Mrs R and C Day

Land North Of Birch Hill Quethiock Cornwall PL14 3SQ

Re-submission of Outline application PA17/06126 dated 23rd August 2017 for the erection of a bungalow with all matters reserved

PA17/10103 PA17/10103

Mr Blanchard

The Chapel House Quethiock Liskeard Cornwall PL14 3SQ

Carry out remedial works to the Oak tree

PA17/07582 PA17/07582

Mr Chris Edmonds

Chyvounder Trehunist Liskeard Cornwall PL14 3SD

To install Western Red Cedar cladding over the external faces of the property that are currently finished in pebbledash. Approved (Statutory/one condition only).

PA17/07630 PA17/07630

Mr Sam Wilkinson

Pleasant Ridge Road From Treweese Road To Pounda Quethiock PL14 3SQ

New roof extension with additional four bedrooms and a bathroom plus driveway extension.Approved with conditions.

PA17/08429 PA17/08429

Mrs S Gradidge

Treweese Barn Quethiock Liskeard Cornwall PL14 3SG

Proposed vehicle storage/workshop building for hobby use. (Resubmission of application no. PA17/04992 refused 01/08/17). Awaiting decision