The annual accounts of the Parish Council for 2020-21 have been prepared and audited. They are available for inspection by the public until Friday 30th July 2021. If you wish to do so or have any queries please contact the Clerk.

The Council’s Annual Return to its auditors ( the “AGAR” ) comprising four pages is shown below.

You can click on the the links below the photos for the following further documents:

– A Summary of the Council’s income and expenditure for the year

– A Schedule of Variances, showing a comparison between income and expenditure this year and the previous year

– A Bank reconciliation showing movements in the Council’s funds over the year

– A Notice and accompanying Notes explaining your rights in relation to the Accounts and Annual Return

Income and Expenditure summary 2020-21.doc

Schedule of Variances 2020-21.doc

Bank Reconcilliation 2020-21 @ 31 March 2021.doc

Public Rights Notice